• Complete Metallic Paint Package L

Complete Paint Package, that contains:

  • 1,1 Kg Epoxy primer 2K 10:1 Corrosion protection
  • 1,8 Kg Putty
  • 2,88 Liter Acrylic primer 2K HS 5:1, Sanding primer with hardner
  • 3 Liter Profix Base coat Solid/Metallic/Pearl
  • 4,5 Liter Clear coat HS 2:1, with hardner
  • 0,25 Liter Epoxy Thinner, to Epoxy (10-30%)
  • 1,5 Liter Base thinner to base coat (50%)
  • 1,5 Liter Acrylic Thinner, to sanding primer (~ 25-35%) and clear coat (max 10%)
  • 1 Liter Silicone Remover
  • 7 pcs Mixing Cups
  • 3 pcs Paint strainer 280 micron, to Corrosion protection and Sanding primer
  • 2 pcs Paint strainer 190 micron, to Base coat
  • 2 pcs Paint strainer 125 micron, to Clear coat
  • 1 pcs Antistatic cloth
  • Free shipping, in Sweden (only valid with advance payment)
Changes in the package is not impossible...

NOTE! The price can vary with the color code, rate quoted is ordinary Solid/Metallic/Pearl.

Some color codes are so called 3-layer, which means that it needs a certain color below to get the right shade. If the color code you order is one of these, we will contact you so you can determine if you want to buy the right undercoat.

The products should be used in accordance with the Minister of Economy Decree (the decree of 16th January 2007).

Complete Metallic Paint Package L

  • Brand: Profix
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